About Us

Sufra NW London is a local charity established in 2013 to address both the causes and consequences of impoverishment in the community.

Based on St. Raphael’s Estate, Brent’s most disadvantaged neighbourhood, our Community Hub provides a life-line for people in crisis – including families living in extreme poverty and people who are vulnerable, homeless and socially isolated.

We provide our ‘guests’ with the food and support they urgently need to survive, empower them to learn new skills and improve their wellbeing, and help them find work and become financially stable.

By working together and harnessing the goodwill of our neighbours, we build a stronger community where no one suffers alone in silence.

To find out more about the Food Bank and the wide range of additional services we provide, please click here.

Our Vision

A community united to address the causes and consequences of poverty. 

Our Vision Explained:

  • Community: The full range of Sufra’s stakeholders–from our donors to our volunteers and guests.
  • United: We collaborate closely with our stakeholders so that we can better achieve our shared objectives.
  • Causes: What led our guests to be in their situation. These causes range from an inability of our guests to navigate the benefits system, to government policies that exacerbate poverty and inequality.
  • Consequences: The impact of our guests being in their situation. Consequences include food insecurity, homelessness, social isolation and a host of mental health difficulties that our guests experience.

Our Mission

Sufra NW London provides food aid, welfare advice and training to people in crisis, whilst working with the wider community to campaign for an end to poverty.

Annual Reports

To read our published Annual Reports, please see the links below:

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