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For information on becoming a Community Food Champion, our newest volunteering opportunity, head over to this page.

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N.B. No specific experience is required, as training will be provided, although experience working with vulnerable people in any capacity would be helpful for the roles above.

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Meet Our Volunteers

‘I have been volunteering with Sufra every Wednesday for almost a year now, I can’t believe how quickly that time has gone!

I decided to start volunteering because I wanted to do something useful. As a Christian, I wanted to do help my neighbours and so I came down to Sufra one day to see how I could help. I usually help pack up the food packs and organise the shelves, but I’ve also helped out with the fresh fruit and vegetables, and sometimes even organising the uniforms when that needed doing. I don’t mind getting stuck in to whatever is needed.

I would encourage anyone who can to sign up to volunteering! I don’t like to shout about it really, but my neighbour asked where I was going and I told her and realized I was encouraging her to get stuck in too because I know she would enjoy it and feel good from coming here too, because I really do enjoy it.’


‘I have been volunteering with Sufra around 15 months now.

I started volunteering for St Laurence’s Larder, as my local church was providing them with food. Through them, I heard Sufra’s call our for Delivery Drivers in the pandemic. That’s how I started – I soon realised I could do the Ready Meal deliveries on my bike! So now I cycle to the guests houses, which is obviously better for the environment, good for my health and quite crucially at the moment, doesn’t require any fuel!

I also began volunteering at a local vaccine clinic, which was another opportunity I heard about through Sufra.

Volunteering has really kept me going through the tough lockdowns, especially as a musician there was a long period of time with no chance of any work and so it was great to keep busy and feel useful! You’re never too old to volunteer: at the vaccine clinic a spry little old lady after receiving her jab said to me “perhaps I should volunteer too: I’m only 87!”’


‘I have been volunteering about 4 or 5 months. I decided to volunteer because I like to help other people. I am the organizer of all fruit, vegetables and bread! I prepare and pack anything!

I like volunteering because I like to help others. Coming to Sufra has helped me a lot too – including improving my English 😊’






‘I have been volunteering since the beginning of August. I decided to start volunteering I asked my caseworker to look into volunteering opportunities for me. We organised this application, and a few days later I got a call from you saying that you need help in the kitchen.

I love cooking, but I have learnt a lot from Chef Prince. I cannot cook in my accommodation at the moment, but I would love to cook you some of my native foods. I make really good rice – any kinds of rice! But I’ve learnt about a lot of different cuisines through working with Prince.

Actually in the beginning I was worried about getting here as it takes two buses – but I’ve been cycling which is so much quicker and means I can actually get here on time now!’




‘I like coming into Sufra because it means I am able to gain work experience.

All the staff are very happy go lucky and friendly and they take you in as part of the Sufra Family.

Everything I have learnt here has been garden related – I’ve learnt there are different types of mint which I never knew and I also know how to look after chickens properly and have enjoyed getting to know their different characters!’




‘I like volunteering here because I get to help people, and I can get good experience for finding a job. It’s up to you when you go in there are no expectations but it’s always fun to be in! Everyone is very friendly, respectful, loving and helpful.

Since coming to Sufra I have learnt how to pack parcels, organise stock on shelves, move items from the storage to the foodbank and I learnt how to help people whilst working in a team. I have also learnt how to show people how to pack parcels etc. My favourite task is to bring the complete parcels over the road so that they are all ready for guests.’




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