Sufra’s Iftar Event

Sufra NW London hosted an Iftar event at Bridge Park Community Centre so our staff, volunteers and guests and could break their fasts together and pray.

This was our first event in a while which celebrated not just our Food Bank, ESOL class and OpenARMs guests, but also our staff and volunteers who work with them on a daily basis to provide aid and relief – whether that’s a warm meal or some chit-chat or professional welfare advice. A communal, potluck-style Iftar where everyone gets to share a dish and celebrate.

Major thanks to our Chef Jas for cooking an extra special menu fresh of our Tuesday evening community kitchen, which included lentil soup, lamb and veggie biryani and a chocolate tart

Biscuits made by our Refugee Resettlement Officer, Zena

A fattoush salad made by our OpenARMs Trainee, Sarah

Stuffed dates by our volunteer, Fatema

and bread rolls baked by our trustee, Aaseem, and his family (no picture unfortunately as they were very quickly devoured at Iftar time!)

Thanks also to our Admin Officer Anaam for the introduction

Our special guest poet for writing and performing his own Ramadan poem

Fatema for reading duas

Our CWP Project Coordinator Yusuf for reading the Quran

Thanks also to our Advice Trainee Amina and her family for planning the event and supporting on the day, as well as our friends at Open Iftar for donating the Ramadan packs

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