More Than A Food Bank: Our Latest Film

Let’s face it, food banks don’t address the real causes of hunger and poverty in our communities. In fact, some people think they contribute to the problem by encouraging dependency – especially now that food banks are such an (unofficially) established part of our welfare system.

That’s why Sufra NW London has always been #MoreThanAFoodbank. The emergency food we provide to our 4,000 guests is only the first step in a programme that lifts people out of poverty and helps them gain independence and live happier, more fulfilling lives.

This moving short film was made for us by an amazing volunteer and professional director, Chris Fowles, with support from the Media Trust and John Lyon’s Charity. It captures the spirit of our work at Sufra NW London – empowering people of all ages to be part of the solution. Please share it widely.

And remember, our work would not be possible without your help. As a local charity rooted in one of London’s most disadvantaged communities, your support enables us to tackle both the causes and consequences of poverty, social isolation and homelessness.

Our Welfare Advice service ensures that our guests have a roof over their heads and get the benefits they need to survive. Our Refugee Resettlement Programme supports migrants and asylum seekers to live with dignity in a new country. Our Community Kitchen and Garden provides opportunities for everyone to be an active part of their community. And our employment courses help people stand on their own two feet.

You Can be Part of The Solution

There are many ways you can get involved and support our work:


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