Increasing Income to Afford Essentials

Emergency aid is the foremost form of support provided by Sufra NW London. However, we have noticed that in the past year these emergencies were becoming not only more frequent but longer-lasting. At the end of April 2023, we distributed over double the number of weekly food parcels compared to April 2022.

Early April 2023: 150 food parcels distributed

Late April 2023: 305 food parcels distributed

We believe that there needs to be national legislative change in order to prevent these issues from escalating. Therefore, we would like to ask you to support the following campaigns:

1. Fight the Anti-Refugee Laws

In March 2023, the Refugee Ban Bill was announced. It seeks to impose a complete ban on people arriving in the UK to claim asylum by guaranteeing that any refugees arriving via ‘unofficial’ routes will be banned from claiming asylum, then detained or deported.

Refugee Action are fighting for the rights of those seeking protection from war and persecution, those who have risked long and arduous journeys by sea to save their lives.

To learn about their campaigns – from opposing the #AntiRefugeeLaws to increasing support rates for asylum seekers (who are currently surviving off less than £40 a week).

Email your MP about the Refugee Ban Bill and learn more about Refugee Action campaigns here:

Oppose the Refugee Ban Bill

2. Help us ensure everyone can afford life’s essentials

The Trussell Trust, alongside the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, has launched a new campaign, calling on the UK government to Guarantee our Essentials.

Despite living in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, 90% of low-income households receiving Universal Credit are going without at least one essential like food, a warm home or toiletries. The JRF have calculated that the £120 is the amount needed for a single adult to afford the essentials and currently, Universal Credit only covers £85.

The Essentials Guarantee would ensure that people who undergo a change of circumstances are adequately supported our the benefits system.

The campaign is supported by 72% of the public and would benefit 8.8 million low-income families in the UK. You can learn more about the campaign and use Trussell Trust’s template to email your MP here:

Guarantee Our Essentials

3. Support the Living Income

The Living Income campaign aims to restructure our social security system and work alongside the Real Living Wage to create an ​‘income floor’ which no one can fall below whether they are in or out of work. This guarantees that everyone can afford the essentials, like the weekly shop or an emergency boiler repair.

If a person loses their job in the UK, on average they receive one third of their income in benefits, compared with 59% in France and 83% in Denmark. This campaign aims to change this disparity by ending unnecessary delays to vital payments, removing the benefit cap and two-child limit, and increasing the amount people can earn before benefits are deducted.

Learn more about how to implement the Living Income here:

Join the Living Income campaign

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