Ho-Ho-Holiday Activities in the Garden

The holiday season is a busy time for families. From Christmas shopping to decorating, to visiting loved ones… all whilst having to entertain the children!

Additionally, school holidays can be particularly stressful for some families due to the increased cost of food, childcare and utilities as well as reduced incomes. For some children that can lead to a huge gap in their holiday experience. Children from disadvantages families are more likely to experience social isolation and unhealthy lifestyles by missing out on organised social and physical activities.

So, this holiday season, Sufra ran 7 days of crafty activities at St. Raphael’s Edible Garden for children aged 6-11, with a free, nutritious lunch cooked by our Chef Jas each day.

After calming their minds at a yoga session led by a professional yoga instructor, the children got to recuperate their energy by making pizza with our Chef Jas at our wood fired pizza oven.

The children got to bring home their own decomposable and completely free Christmas decorations via a wreathmaking class taught by our Garden Learning and Outreach Officer Jim. Saves the trip to B&Q!

Percy Pig Cress planters. Unfortunately, no seeds were sow-n that day – a little piggy joke for you all.

On a particularly rainy day, the children took shelter in our new yurt (we call her Yurtrude) which was nice and warm from the wood fire. Paper snowflakes were made, and wild animals were painted.

On their final day, the children made eco-friendly birdfeeders and went on a worm hunt (slightly safer than going on a bear hunt, in my opinion).

Major thanks to everyone who joined us over the holidays!

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