Guest Photo Essay: St Raph's Edible Garden Brent’s Allotment  

One grey afternoon during our summer break, I was invited to see the work and produce of St Raphael's Edible Garden at Sufra.

I am a resident of Brent but have never been to the St Raph's estate nor the Garden. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I was happy to check it out and see what hidden gems Brent had to offer. 

I followed my sat-nav through winding roads within the estate and then this larger-than-life plot of green (with huge tepee included), was suddenly upon me!

I could only smile as I approached. Not only was there green but an array of rainbow colours greeted me from red to yellow to purple. St Raphael's Edible Garden is beautifully laid out, with paths leading you to different fruits, vegetables and herbs. There is a nice seated area for a packed lunch and even the chicken coup where the hens greet you, thinking you have some seed for them! 

Jim who oversees the garden was the perfect host and gladly showed me around. He is very proud of the produce and different varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers and eggs. He was a real pleasure to spend time with. He has a wealth of knowledge and I instantly felt that more people should be aware of this place. If not the local primary schools or nurseries to educate our younger generations on the environment, growing your own, tasting different produce, nature, animal care etc.. but the secondary schools should be aware of the work experience possibilities. There is a market place just waiting to happen with all of this organic produce that is fresher than fresh! 

This is definitely a special place within Brent and the community should really cherish it. Not everyone has an allotment or garden where they can grow their own – not everyone knows where to even start!  

Written by Camille Curtis – Brent Local Cultural Education Partnership Manager 

For more information contact on St Raphael’s Edible Garden contact 

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