‘Get in the car, we’re going to Sufra!’

Our food bank volunteer, Maria, came across 3 Irish sisters in our food bank line. They were regulars and always loud and full of beans.

Standing behind them was a Middle Eastern man, and the ladies had asked Maria to serve him first. Maria refused, stating she would serve him next, but they insisted. The man had never been to the food bank before and told Maria that he was brought here by the three ladies.

They were his neighbours, and expressed concern that he was losing weight. He had a wife and a few kids to support as well. They asked him if he was getting help – he said he was doing alright and didn’t need any.

One day, the women had enough and said ‘get in the car, we’re taking you to Sufra!’. They came quite late in the day so there was a lot of stock left. He also got a ride home from the ladies so he wouldn’t have to carry the load.

He said if they hadn’t done that, he didn’t know what would happen to him. His mental health had been low lately, as he’s been suffering from PTSD because of a civil war in his hometown, hence why he struggles to accept support from strangers.


The best experiences of working or volunteering at Sufra, are those where you can see the community rising up to support each other. To support Sufra and our community, please consider donating your money, your food or your time.

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