Community Wellbeing Project in action!

The Community Wellbeing Project is up and running at Bridge Park Leisure Centre.

Community Shop

Families have begun shopping at our Community Shop. Their £3.50 weekly membership fee allows them to take home their selection of £25 worth of food each week.

Shop members have a weekly budget of 22 stars with items ranging from 1-3 stars each.

They can choose whatever they need and take as much time as they need to make their choice. Everyone pays the same £3.50 cost, whether they prefer choco hoops or corn flakes.

Community Café and Kitchen

Our Community Café and Kitchen are open to the public, not just members.

The café is open in the daytime and has free hot drinks, music, and affordable snacks – with members eating for free.

The kitchen, open in the evening, is entirely free – just like all of our other Community Kitchen services. Anyone who turns up from 6-8pm can receive a free, warm, nutritious 3-course meal on Mondays and Tuesdays. Our Chef Jas and our new Chef Isaac are prepared to cook up a storm!

We’ve been meeting with members to assess their needs and sign them up to workshops regarding health & wellbeing, debt, housing, money management and more.

The Space

We didn’t pick the venue because it had a gym, but it’s definitely a valuable perk! All members of the Project get to use the gym and all of its equipment for free, with access to table tennis, dance classes and football sessions for those under 18.

If you haven’t yet signed up for the Community Wellbeing Project, sign up here

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