Changing the Rules that Cause Hunger and Poverty

Whilst short-term food aid and welfare advice is imperative in supporting our guests, we recognize that the food aid sector is unable to keep up with the increasing demand for our support - there needs to be national legislative change in order to prevent these issues from escalating. Therefore, we would like to ask you to support the following campaigns:

1. Write a letter to your MP calling to end the need for charitable food aid

The Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) are the UK network of independent food aid providers. Their vision is of a country without the need for charitable food aid where adequate and nutritious food is affordable to all. To achieve this, the Government must act immediately to uprate benefit payments in line with inflation.

Together with the Trussell Trust and Feeding Britain, the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) has gathered over 3,000 signatures from individuals working and volunteering in the food aid sector for a joint letter to the Prime Minister delivered to 10 Downing Street in October.

2. Campaign to expand the threshold for Free School Meals

Feed the Future is a Food Foundation campaign aiming to expand the threshold for children eligible for Free School Meals. The campaign is currently backed by Jamie Oliver and Zayn Malik. Food insecurity levels have more than doubled since January meaning 4 MILLION children are now living in homes without adequate access to food. Particularly in England, there are 800,000 children living in poverty who are not currently eligible for Free School Meals.

Share the Food Foundation’s campaign posts (#CostofLivingCrisis #FeedTheFuture #FoodInsecurity) to raise awareness.


3. Help keep people warm this winter

Even with the UK government's price freeze and the £400 grant, the average energy bill almost doubled between October 2021 and October 2022, with even higher bills predicted over the coming years.

Due to a lack of proper home insulation in the UK, our homes are the among the leakiest in Europe. When we heat leaky homes, the warmth escapes through our walls, ceilings and floors. The result? Higher bills, wasted energy and more climate-wrecking emissions for no good reason.

And with over 80% of UK homes dependent on climate-wrecking gas for heat, our failed energy system is not only fuelling an energy bills crisis, but also worsening the climate crisis too.

United for Warm Homes are campaigning for our government to provide additional financial support to keep people warm this winter, create a nationwide home insulation programme, and power our homes with cheap and clean renewables instead of fossil fuels.


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