Latest: The 2020 Directory of Local Services

Did you know that 18% of British people don't use the internet? A 2019 survey by the Oxford Internet Institute, a multidisciplinary research and teaching department of the University of Oxford, found that non-users are older, proportionately less well-educated and have lower incomes.

The Brent demographic would suggest that the figure may be higher for the borough, and it is likely that a majority of food bank users, at the point in which they need to use our services, do not use the internet.

The Directory of Services is based upon this premise – that's why we've upheld our commitment to refresh the directory annually. Each agency is described concisely but in full. All the services, without exception, can be accessed without using the internet. By providing this information to those who use our services, we empower them to find the help they need in order to address the challenges they are facing.

The selection of agencies is informed by the current needs we've seen at Sufra’s Food Bank. The 2020 edition of the Directory of Local Services has seen an expansion in the areas of: Debt, Money & Utilities, Benefits & General Advice, and Domestic Violence. The inclusion of the Brent Hubs has helped provide direct access to a wider range of services than has been possible before.

View and download the latest 2020 version of the Directory here.


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