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Rich Man Poor Man – Event Brochure



Sufra NW London is proud to announce that the charity raised over £60,000 at its Rich Man Poor Man – Gala Fundraising Dinner on Thursday 23 March 2017 at Brent Civic Centre.

On behalf of the charity, we would like to express my immense gratitude to everyone who supported the event, especially our corporate sponsors who covered the full cost of the event, ensuring that every donation including all proceeds from ticket sales went directly to support the food bank operation.

You can download a copy of the Event Brochure here and watch our Volunteer Film here.

Sufra NW London is OUR charity – and we are immensely proud to see members of our diverse community coming together in the belief that no one in our community should ever go hungry.

It was also inspirational… as unlucky ticket holders were served a poor man’s meal of a few tins from the food bank, the more fortunate amongst the audience reached into their pockets and pledged donations of £100 for a neighbouring table to share a rich man’s meal.

Within 20 minutes of persuasive cajoling from Asad Ahmad (BBC London News) and Fatima Manji (Channel 4 News), who co-hosted the event, all 18 poor man’s tables were transformed into rich man’s tables, so that everyone could enjoy the delightful menu on offer.

As the Sufra strapline goes… “Give Together, Eat Together”.

All our guests received a special Sufra Shopping Trolley Coin and a mini Food Collection Bin full of sweets. They will soon be on sale on our online shop – so watch this space!