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Do you know what it’s like to live in food poverty?

Sufra NW London invites you to take the #FoodParcelChallenge to experience the reality of food poverty. This is how it works…

Choose a week (or 5-day period) to take the challenge and get in touch with us. We will deliver a typical food parcel the week before your challenge week. During the challenge, you need to survive on whatever you find in your food parcel. You’re not allowed to add anything else (including herbs, spices and flavourings), except tap water.

The food parcel will contain a mixture of foods, with no particular brand/quality. Some items may be missing, and some may be out of date. Who knows what food supplies are running short at the food bank on that week!

We want to hear your experiences so keep us updated via Facebook and Twitter – we can also promote your story if you send us some pictures. Your experience will help us raise awareness of food poverty in the community.

You may want to use the experience to raise sponsorship for the charity. To create an online fundraising page visit and press on “Start Fundraising”. You will be asked to select Sufra NW London as your charity and create a log-in.

We kindly request a donation of £12 towards the cost of the food parcel and delivery. However, if you pledge to raise a minimum of £100 in sponsorship, we will refund the cost of the parcel.

(If you prefer to use a paper sponsorship form, you can download here)