NHS Project

Our NHS Project is primarily designed to support patients who are:

  • At risk of malnutrition or poor recovery on discharge from hospital;
  • Living alone (or only with dependents);
  • Unable to travel to the Food Bank; or
  • Have difficulty in purchasing food –whether due to ill-health, disability or financial difficulties.

The service is free of charge and run in partnership with NHS hospitals, health centres and community-based nursing teams across North West London.

How does it work?

  • NHS Department registers with Sufra NW London NHS Project
  • We deliver pre-packed non-perishable parcels for you to store – you let us know how many you can keep at a time. Each parcel fits inside one bagforlife.
  • When discharging or visiting patients, you distribute parcels at your discretion.
  • When your stocks run low, you get in touch and we deliver more.

Register your NHS department