Fresh Meal Service

This service is specifically for guests in financial crisis, who cannot collect or prepare food for themselves using raw ingredients. This may be due to due to lack of facilities or health conditions.

Once referred to this service, guests will receive a delivery once a week, every Friday, for 6 weeks. The delivery will include a range of nutritious meals cooked each week. Some will be fresh, some frozen, allowing the guest to eat them throughout the week. Each guest also receives an ‘easy-eat’ parcel, with some easy to prepare basics, such as teabags, cuppa soup and snacks.

If the guest is still in need of this service beyond 6 weeks, they must call through to Brent Hubs for a further Assessment on 0208 937 1234.

We also regularly partner with local organisations to provide them with weekly ready meals for their warm spaces or alongside distributed winter warmer packs. Our most recent partnerships have been with Who Is Hussain and the Kiln Theatre.