For just £250, you can sponsor Community Kitchen on a Friday night and help feed up to 60 people in crisis – including guests who are homeless or socially isolated and families living in absolute poverty.  

Our Community Kitchen is a cornerstone of the local community and provides a place for people – young and old – to share a delicious meal among friends and celebrate healthy eating and cultural diversity.  

Every year, our volunteers serve over 3,000 freshly prepared three-course meals to our guests.  

For many families, it’s the closest they will get to visiting a restaurant on Friday night. That’s why we dress our tables beautifully, run a full table service and treat our guests with dignity and respect.  

By sponsoring a Community Kitchen – as an individual or as a business – you will do much more than just feed people in need 

  • The Community Kitchen enables our Advice Workers to meet with guests and offer additional support – like helping people get a roof over their head.   
  • Each week, we rescue and reuse up to 50kg of fresh food that would otherwise be destined for landfill and turn it into wholesome, nourishing food 
  • Our Community Kitchen provides opportunities for up to 20 people to volunteer and serve their community every week half are young people who will (hopefully) shape the future of our world. 
  • We host monthly themed nights to showcase cuisines from around the world, celebrate a variety of cultural festivals and heal ethnic divisions.  

In addition to all of this, people and businesses sponsoring the Community Kitchen will get the following benefits: 

 One-off Sponsorship:   

  • A Certificate Of Appreciation from Sufra NW London. 
  • Acknowledgment on our social  media  pages, which reach 5,244 people across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 
  • Association with a  respected charity  that  regularly engages with schools, faith groups, universities, charities, MPs and local government Councillors.   

Regular Monthly Sponsorship (in addition to above)  

  • An A3 poster with your logo on the wall during the service you sponsor. 
  • Acknowledgement on our website, including your company logo.  
  • A special mention in our newsletter, which reaches over 4,000 people. 
  • An opportunity for your and/or your corporate team to experience volunteering during Community Kitchen. 
  • An invitation to a gourmet Pop-Up Kitchen event to thank our regular sponsors.   

Many of our supporters sponsor the Community Kitchen as part of a celebration or to commemorate a special event or occasion. 

If you would like to sponsor a Community Kitchen – either just once or more regularly – and to get more information, please email