Brent Cash First Leaflet

Sufra has been working with The Independent Food Aid Network to produce a cash first leaflet for those struggling with financial hardship in Brent.

The Brent Cash First Leaflet is a resource for people facing a financial crisis, and anyone supporting them, to quickly see available advice and cash first support options and which agencies are best placed to help. The aim of this leaflet is to reduce the need for emergency food aid by helping people access any existing financial entitlements and advice on income maximisation as a cash first response to food insecurity.

Download the Cash First Leaflet

This leaflet is part of IFAN’s cash first work. To see the work from outside Brent throughout the UK and to get printed copies head over to their website. IFAN is collaborating with key stakeholders in various local authorities across the UK to co-develop further leaflets and to share these cash first resources as widely as possible.

If you have any further questions on the leaflet please contact us, by phone: 020 3441 1335, or by email: