Hello Fresh CurrEATulum launched at St. Raph’s Garden

Photo courtesy of HelloFresh

HelloFresh (of recipe box fame) and Social Farms & Gardens (a UK-wide charity) have continued their partnership for another year, this time to launch the HelloFresh CurrEATulum – a resource which aims to encourage future generations to think about ways they can reduce food waste (download HERE)

As a proud member of Social Farms & Gardens, St. Raphael’s Edible Garden got to feature in the campaign, alongside low-waste Chef Max La Manna:

More than three quarters (79%) of Brits admit to cooking too much. Through the Hello Gardens partnership, HelloFresh aims to encourage individuals to consider just how much food they waste through initiatives such as growing your own and composting. Composting heaps are available at all HelloFresh Gardens sites and are a great way for users to get involved, whether that’s by repurposing vegetable cuttings into compost or planting cuttings to create new vegetables.

Our composting heap at St. Raphael’s Edible Garden is open to all of the residents on St. Raphael’s Estate; they bring us their food waste, and we give them the nutrient-rich soil in return! It also collects any potential waste from Sufra’s Food Bank and Community Kitchens.

The Hello Gardens partnership will also support St. Raphael’s Edible Garden by sponsoring a few of our upcoming activities and courses in the garden over the coming year.

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