A St. Raph’s Summer

Our Summer Activities Programme has now come to a close. After two weeks of fun in the sun (catching bugs, cooking food, using tools, etc.), our Summer Activities Programme has come to a close.

This is what the kids got up to…

Still life painting with plants from the garden and recycling toilet paper rolls into gorgeous artwork!

3 things you never want your child to be holding – saws, drills and hammers (unless they are receiving proper guidance and instruction, of course).

Making musical instruments out of recycled materials – apologies to anyone trying to take a nap on the estate that day.

Imagine if you didn’t have to make lunch for your children during the summer holidays because your children can make it themselves – what a luxury!

Collecting rubbish off the estate = building a clean-world mindset for the next generation.

Camp counselor Jim giving the kids a tour of the local park.

And last but not least, naptime in the yurt!

Big thanks to all who joined us this summer, keep an eye out on our blogs for any future activities.

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