Mohammed Has Left Sufra.

It’s true – Mohammed has left Sufra. He’s not even in the country. He told us he should be back at some point after his so-called ‘sabbatical’ – we think that’s code for taking a bloody long holiday to sit around and do nothing.

Apparently he’s in Tanzania – but we can’t understand why. He’s always complaining about hot and sunny weather, he doesn’t like nature or animals (he freaks out when the local cat visits) and he doesn’t do trekking or safaris. A cave in Siberia might have been a more suitable holiday destination!

Meanwhile, he’s left the lunatics in charge of the asylum. Let’s face it, everything could go badly wrong any minute now. And judging by the look on Saba and Ibrahim’s faces last Sunday (why were they buried in paperwork on their one day off?) I think the proverbial ‘doo-doo’ is about to hit the fan…

Worse still, Mohammed has left me in charge of his infamous newsletter. At long last, we minions will get our revenge after years of him writing embarrassing commentaries without our permission. So, if you’d like more entertainment at the boss’s expense, watch this space.

An Arabic Bhaji on the Beach? 

Our Ramadan Appeal was a resounding success and we’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that participated – whether you gave food, donated your Zakat or just shared our social media posts, our work would not be possible without your support.

Our sincere gratitude to all the local mosques and schools that organised food collections over Ramadan. Amazingly, 158 people downloaded our Ramadan Giving Calendar and we received a record number of food donations as a result.

We’ve already put these donations to good use in the Food Bank and Community Kitchen, and it’s providing critical support for our Refugee Resettlement Programme. Just last week, Nirmean and Ibrahim collected 3 disoriented Syrian Refugee families (including 6 young children) from Gatwick and settled them into new homes provided by Brent Council – given them all a hot meal, emergency food parcels and a long list of other essentials.

Nirmean also took a coach-load of Syrian refugee families to the beach last weekend for what turned out to be an Arabic version of Bhaji on the Beach. Apparently, our guests had never seen so many scantily-dressed pink bodies turning painfully red in the sun, before going bright white with sun-cream. Nirmean was less surprised by the spectacle – but then she did look a lot pinker on Monday morning too. You can check out the pictures here.

There is much more to do. Ibrahim is already making preparations for the new Syrian families we are expecting in the months ahead. And our Food Bank is already running low on the usual supplies…

So, if you would like to arrange a food collection on behalf of your faith community, school or business – please get in touch via Alternatively, visit our donation page here.

Free trips and cinema tickets (yes, it’s blatant bribery!) 

Our new AQA accredited food growing and cooking course is about to hit the sweaty streets of Brent – spread the word: it’s free for young people aged between 11-18. This unique programme will rotate between our kitchen and St. Raphael’s Edible Garden – ensuring that young trouble-makers are kept out of your hair and out of McDonalds during the summer holidays.

More importantly, they will get a free cinema ticket and free a trip to the stunning Kew Gardens. Places are limited and filling up fast, so be quick. Most of the Youth Committee are thinking of enrolling just for the freebies…

Summer Academy Dates:

Round 1: Monday 6 August to Friday 11 August (10am – 5pm)
Round 2: Monday 13 August to Friday 18 August (10am – 5pm)

Find out more about the course and download an application form here.

The Dangers of “Chirpsin’ da Gyals”

Ryan, one of our young volunteers, has pulled his calf muscle and dropped out of the British 10k run. Apparently, it had something to do with running for the bus to “chirps a gyal”, whatever that means. Not that any girl (or boy) could take him seriously with his new 80’s perm – what was he thinking!

Anyway, this is bad news (and I don’t just mean his hair style). Ryan was sure to raise hundreds in sponsorship and we desperately need someone to take his place.

The race will take place next Sunday 15th July and we only have this one place left to fill. Can you step in and get some sponsorship? (You are allowed to walk it!)

Get in touch with us asap if you are up for it:

Summer Festival Fun and Games

Sufra NW London will be all over the Alperton Summer Festival this Saturday 7 July at Heather Park. As well as our information stall, we will be flipping delicious sweet and savoury pancakes on our new stall – Oh Crepe! (more about that below). There will be loads of games, entertainment and even a petting zoo. Best of all, proceeds from the festival will go to Sufra NW London (apart from the other food stalls who get to keep their own)!

Oh Crêpe! …What Have We Got Ourselves Into?

Sufra NW London’s exciting new venture is now live: Oh Crêpe! – our super-tasty, sweet and savoury pancake stall. The new initiative will provide local employment opportunities for Food Bank guests, whilst generating income to help keep the Food Bank and Community Kitchen fully operational.

Our test run at the local French school’s Summer Fair (Lycee International) was un grand succès – we sold around 200 crispy crêpes to a very discerning crowd and they loved them! We also made a tidy profit, so we are keen to do the same at other events in the coming months – get in touch if you know of any.

We also do weddings and Bah Mitzvas.

In the meanwhile, we will be serving crêpes every Wednesday afternoon at the food market outside Brent Civic Centre – come and say hello. Better still “Eat Pancake and Feed A Family in Need”, as we say on our strap-line.

We Need Really Crêpe Volunteers

Without a small team of volunteers to help run the stall, we would struggle to make it financially viable. We need help preparing ingredients, setting up the stall, taking payments, assisting chefs during service, clearing up, dismantling the stall, and clearing everything away back at Sufra HQ.

To be clear, no one is expected to do all of this in one go and it’s really good fun. You can also get fat on free crêpes.

Get in touch if you would like more information about the shifts available – email or call the office.

The Stanmore Jafferys Football Academy is awesome!

Lastly, a huge thank you to the good people at SJFA for their continued support. In a recent raffle, they raised a whopping £870 for Sufra NW London – not to mention the £200 we collected at their Salaam Cup Festival (thanks to Fahim’s kids’ very cute donation song about Sufra foodbank, which is a must watch!)

If I’m not sacked for sending this mailshot, I’ll be in touch soon with more of the same. Meanwhile, I hope you’re enjoying the glorious sunshine – we’re sure Mohammed isn’t 😉


Uncle Jim
and Aunty Ros!
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