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Winter Appeal

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Khalil is a 19-year-old refugee from Afghanistan, who came to this country 3 years ago.

Following a dispute, his ‘uncle’ kicked him out of the house, and Khalil was left to fend for himself. For the past two weeks he has been sleeping on a bench in the park, not far away from Sufra NW London.

You can watch Khalil’s story here.

This month, we launch our #WinterAppeal to help Khalil find refuge during these cold nights whilst we arrange permanent accommodation. The winter months are the busiest time at Sufra NW London.

But it isn’t just rough sleepers at risk; countless families must choose between putting food on the table or heating their homes. Even a winter coat is unaffordable.

This winter, we don’t want to turn anyone away. But to ensure that we can support every individual and family during the festive period and beyond, we need to raise £10,000 to maintain our emergency front-line services.

You can donate here.